R33 GTR… Part 1

Having a car like this, it’s not just about the purchase and drive. There is a reason why there are countless memes about GTR Owners’ having holes in their pockets. To cover this topic, I’ll post in 2 parts; The starting base – what I purchased, the mods which are there now and what IContinue reading “R33 GTR… Part 1”

Daikoku Meets Oct25

Today’s forecast, clear skies, beautiful weather, with high chance of beautiful exotics and domestic Japanese models posing at sunset. Enjoy 🙂

Tokyo AutoSalon 2019

In 2019, I had the great chance to visit the Tokyo AutoSalon. It had been about 7 years since the last time I had been there, so unfortunately, I forgot that there are multiple halls. So I had only seen one hall and spent many hours already. Regardless, I managed to see alot and itContinue reading “Tokyo AutoSalon 2019”

TimeMachine: 2018 In Review

Most of my 2018 in Japan was spent in an office, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes even the overnight snacks were all consumed inside the well lit, sometimes air-conditioned offices. On the rare occasion, however, I managed to escape the city grind of Tokyo and head out to the country side for some fresh air.Continue reading “TimeMachine: 2018 In Review”

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