Sunset Drive – Mount Fuji 11-2020

A pleasant Saturday, with clear skies presented itself this past weekend. I have been waiting for this season, to have clear skies around Mt Fuji and see a sunset from the Ashinoko Skyline Road. For those who’ve done some drive tours, likely you’ve driven to the look outs: Ashinoko Rest House Fuji View – thisContinue reading “Sunset Drive – Mount Fuji 11-2020”

TimeMachine: 2018 In Review

Most of my 2018 in Japan was spent in an office, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes even the overnight snacks were all consumed inside the well lit, sometimes air-conditioned offices. On the rare occasion, however, I managed to escape the city grind of Tokyo and head out to the country side for some fresh air.Continue reading “TimeMachine: 2018 In Review”

First Blog – Hello World!

Hello World! Given this is my first “public” blog or even just first blog in general, I hope to introduce myself or provide context for why I’m starting it. Who am I? I just a guy. In a nutshell, I am a guy who grew up partially in the middle east, and majorly in Australia.Continue reading “First Blog – Hello World!”