Sunset Drive – Mount Fuji 11-2020

A pleasant Saturday, with clear skies presented itself this past weekend. I have been waiting for this season, to have clear skies around Mt Fuji and see a sunset from the Ashinoko Skyline Road. For those who’ve done some drive tours, likely you’ve driven to the look outs:

  1. Ashinoko Rest House Fuji View – this place is awesome, a great little place to enjoy views of the sea and some ice cream or food. The cafe itself seems to be owned by some car lovers with the walls covered with cool cars shot in the car park. A few photos of inside and my car outside.
Representing the tuner and the awesome Club R33 stickers.

2. 杓子峠 / Shakushitōuge parking – This spot is very popular as it gets a lovely view of Mt Fuji and it’s sign – and to the left is a view of the ocean.

3. Mikuni Touge Parking – This is probably the most popular and largest parking which boasts views of both the ocean, the city below, and the Mt Fuji. It was prime time, but I managed to get a few happy snaps in. Enjoy 🙂

Until next time 🙂

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