R33 GTR… Part 1

Having a car like this, it’s not just about the purchase and drive. There is a reason why there are countless memes about GTR Owners’ having holes in their pockets.

To cover this topic, I’ll post in 2 parts;

  1. The starting base – what I purchased, the mods which are there now and what I don’t like so much.
  2. The target – Modification plans

The Base

One of the first drives with the car, a local drive to Shibuya and a photo next to the iconic Hachiko crossing.

The car itself, is as below:

  • 1997 Series 3 BCNR33
  • Paint Code: KR4 Sonic Silver
  • Factory Options / Specs: RB26DETT; 4WD HICAS; 5 Speed Manual; Super Fine Hard Coat Paint; Optional Rear Wiper + UV Cut Insulated Glass; Optional Kenwood Cruising Sound System; Optional Passengers Seat Airbag (Thanks to http://gtr-registry.com/en-bcnr33-vin-table.php)
  • Title / History: All clearing and checks out (Courtesy of carvx.jp)
  • Modifications:
    • Exterior relations
      • Geniune Top Secret front bumper
      • Top Secret-Style bonnet
      • AeroCatch Style bonnet lock
      • Carbon strut tower bar
      • Ganador-copy Carbon side mirror
      • NISMO turn signal
      • LED rear tail light
      • Rays Volk TE37 in anodised bronze (18 x 9.5 +12)
      • Rays Aluminum wheel nuts
      • DUNLOP DIRENZA Z11 Tire (275/35/18)
    • Interior relation
      • SPARCO 12 inch steering
      • SPARCO EVO bucket racing seat (driver’s seat only)
      • SCHROTH 4 point harness
      • NISMO 320km meter
      • NISMO aluminium pedals
      • HKS Turbo Timer
      • JDM TACHO meter (Monster)
      • DEFI Link Display Meter + Control unit Type 2
      • DEFI EXHAUST temperature meter WF
      • DEFI turbo meter BF
      • RAZO headgear knob
    • Mechanicals
      • TIEN SPORT harmonic drive
      • GREDDY Front Pipe
      • SARD Sports Catalyzer
      • BUDDY RACING Straight exhaust pipe
      • GTR R34 N1 Twin Turbo (CLAIMED R34 N1 Turbos…. Soon to be found not true!)
      • REIMEX aluminum cam play IN/EX (Unconfirmed)
      • Titanium head bolt (Unconfirmed)
      • CUSCO brake stopper
      • CUSCO Front understabilizer strut bar
      • GREDDY clear cam cover
      • GREDDY earth wiring Kit
      • GREDDY TWR Aluminum Radiator
      • GREDDY Aluminum intercooler
      • GREDDY engine oil cap
      • GATES Timing Belt
      • GATES Water Pump
      • HKS water belt
      • HKS air conditioner belt
      • HKS V belt
      • HKS Twincon Air Intec
      • TOMEI PON CAM type B
      • NISMO radiator cap
      • Nissan Silvia S15 Trunk Bar
      • OPTIMA Yellow Tap Big Battery

Initial thoughts.. well there’s good and bad;

  • The Good:
    • The standouts, the car is rust free! The chassis, wheel wells, strut tops and bottoms, under the spare wheel and underneath the rear are all clean, it also looks like all factory paint and it’s held well thanks to the hard coat. There are some cool mods, like the TE37s, the poncams+cam gears, and nismo cluster – all of which are a headache to find now.
  • The bad:
    • It’s a used car, tracing back all the records of the receipts for the mods and service records, I could see some where done a long time ago. I could not locate any tuning, or aftermarket computer, so basically I felt uncomfortable that the timing has been changed, boosted up, and no tuning (with what looks to be a stock fuel system and ignition.
  • The ugly:
    • Well, simply speaking, the TE37s and Nismo cluster are about the only things that I liked visually. Everything else is not at all to my taste of a simple/beautiful car. However, being in Japan and having access to spare parts and Yahoo Auctions, I knew what I was getting myself into.

Part 2 next …

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