Tokyo AutoSalon 2019

One hall of the AutoSalon

In 2019, I had the great chance to visit the Tokyo AutoSalon. It had been about 7 years since the last time I had been there, so unfortunately, I forgot that there are multiple halls. So I had only seen one hall and spent many hours already. Regardless, I managed to see alot and it was a blast. In this post I’ll just show some of my highlights 🙂 Enjoy

Euros! Always a big part of the show, and you’d be surprised what is displayed. In this year, from F40 with snow chains and rally spec, to wide body 308 GTB, Lamborghinis with lights in every crevice, modified Paganis, and much more. There were just some of the highlights.

Wide body Rx7s as far as the eye can see. For me, second only the the shape of the Porsche, the silhouette of the fd3s is so beautiful!

GTARRRs~! There was plenty show, PLENTY! Notably;

  • Top Secret – the show stopping stand goes to Top secret, it was well layed out and alot of quality cars, as to be expected.
  • Garage Active – Definitely without a doubt, the Garage active R33 was the top dog car of the GTRs at the show, it’s use of factory styling but pumped up like a pure breed fighting bulldog ready to pounce was demanding attention!
  • HKS – Maybe the underdog (or atleast from how it was looked over when I walked past) – the R33 from HKS is truly an OG of R33s, epic in it’s understated looks, yet an absolutely beast! It was a pleasure to see in the flesh.

There’s plenty of more, but better to just save it for next years’s cars 🙂

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