Purchasing my dream car in Japan!

One of my personal goals in moving to Japan, was to purchase a car and enjoy the mountain pass roads, the car culture, and generally get to experience the whole “JDM Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift” type culture 🙂

I moved to Japan as a resident in February. By March I had to get my Aussie license converted over (it’s not so much a pain, but definitely a multi day process!), and then I started to research what I’d need to purchase a car, and also looking for the car itself. Rather than repeating below is the reference I used for what needs to be in place before purchasing a car, and then ontop of the guide theere is alot of interdependencies which need to be carefully managed. So having a friend who is familiar with the process would really help, if you are doing it.

Guide for buying a car and all the things you need first.

After going through all the processes, making sure I have all my stamps, paper work, parking etc identified, then it was just a matter of purchasing.

I was looking at a number of different cars, from Mazda Rx7 fd3s, to Evo Wagons, to potentially a bucket list r33 or r34 GTRs.

By the end, having thought it through and bother friends with my many carsensor.com links of various cars and pricing, I decided that it’s potentially my last chance of getting a clean series 3 R33 GTR for a price which isn’t going to be breaking the bank.

With the help of Ben Lippa from https://www.j-spec.com.au/ , I was put in touch with Sam from https://www.jpdjapan.com/. Sam is known as abit of a guru of Skyline GTRs and the Japanese car auctions.

After searching through auctions, local dealers, and private sales, most of what was going was either requiring some work, slightly over priced, or going for crazy numbers because of some colour preferences. Until I ran into a private sale ad on yahoo for a KR4 Silver car. I organised with the owner to check it out on a lovely Saturday morning I went to check it out. After looking through the car, the body, the underside – I could tell it was in very good nick in the areas where it’s too costly (Rust, bent rails, or messed up body work), and not so good nick in the areas which I had plans to change into my spec anyways (Front bar, interior components, and some of the mods under the hood). With that, I put a deposit on my dream car.

Now just a waiting game, final call through my cash money to Mr Joe if we’re all good for the pick up…

He said yes and the car was mine !!

NEXT, starting the journey that’s been through many many years of dreaming (Kind of how girls are expected to plan their weddings from a young age…..) 🙂

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