TimeMachine: 2018 In Review

Most of my 2018 in Japan was spent in an office, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes even the overnight snacks were all consumed inside the well lit, sometimes air-conditioned offices. On the rare occasion, however, I managed to escape the city grind of Tokyo and head out to the country side for some fresh air.

The first day drip was a train ride to Takao San. Takao San is located less than 1 hours’ train journey from Central Tokyo, and it boasts a pretty spectacular view of the outer west Tokyo region. The main sight during the time of my visit was the ever majestic colourful autumn leaves. Offering a Cable Car, Chair Lift, or the more traditional hiking route up the mountain, it seemed like it gets pretty packed during that time. I took the lovely walk up to enjoy a warm bowl of udon and a soft serve ice cream at the top before making my way down.

Apart from out of the city, the city center also offers great eats. This is a place in Roppongi, which is now no longer there, served up a mean Sashimi Donburi, sorry guys only a tease, won’t be able to taste this one in Roppongi Anymore. It became a highlight everytime we had a chance to head out for lunch from work, and we had this.

Regular car sightings in Tokyo, this was way before I knew where in Japan to go for car related things. But it amazed me to see a wide range of cars in Tokyo, I don’t think I have many photos in 2018, but a simple stop at a pedestrian red would sometimes produce some great eye candy.
I would later go on to find out that the Japanese folks don’t have many options for investing their excess cash, so one of the best ways is classic or appreciating cars.

Ofcourse this spurred on my interest to rent a car and head out to some of the automotive accessory shops. I managed to see in a single day, Autobacs, the Machida UpGarage (the largest of the ones which are close to central Tokyo), and also visit a colleague/friend in Yokohama, who took me to the Nissan headquarters. Funnily enough, I haven’t been back there since – and it’s probably time that I go now.

Some of the eye candy that was on display at AutoBacs
Nissan Safety Cars – these Zeds are becoming quite rare!
The infamous 50th Anniversary R35 concept car
And a bonus photo, I tried to go to Hakone, but the conditions were quite bad, so didn’t continue through.

All in all, 2018 in Japan was just me finding my feet at work – not much car related or exploring happened at all. Sadly, 2019 followed in the same light. I’ll do a recap of that some time, maybe with notable highlights of the Tokyo AutoSalon 🙂

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